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Handmade Fairies For Every Occasion
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The Fabulous Fairies started out as a hobby born out of a passion to create and craft beautiful things.

Initially made using a Lotus Flower Pod as the base and incorporating materials such as paper and wire , fifteen years later they have evolved into the Fabulous creations you see today.

Christmas fairies will always be are most popular but we also make fairies for other occasions and seasons.

I'm a great believer that everyone needs a little sprinkle of fairy dust in their lives. I should know...I'm usually covered in the stuff all year round!

I absolutely adore making my 'Fabulous Fairies'! I am trained in art & floristry and both of these skills come into play when I create my beautiful winged friends. I genuinely mean it when I say I love each and every one that I make...and I hope you love them too!