Dreamcatcher Rainbow Fairy

Dreamcatcher Rainbow Fairy

Perfect for banishing bad dreams our fabulous Dream Catcher fairies are such magical little creations!

We have all experienced sleepless nights with our little ones when those nasty nightmares make an unwelcome appearance. Bad dreams can stay with a child and finding a way to help alleviate their bedtime worries can be a real task.
This is where our "Dream Catcher" fairies work their magic. It's their job to guard our little darlings whilst they sleep and stop those unwelcome bad dreams.

Each fairy is made entirely by hand using layers of rainbow organza and net, ribbons and feathers. She has the most glorious large & glittered handmade wings in order to catch any bad dreams and allow only the good ones to find their way down to the sleeping head beneath!

Each fairy is 14” in height - from head to tippy toe - but incredibly light! Entirely hand made with love by the fairymaker in our Fairy Factory in Rural Yorkshire.

Each fairy comes beautifully gift boxed with an origination certificate and a beautiful printed booklet that tells the 'fairytale' of the fairies and the bad tempered troll, to read to your little ones at bedtime and a bottle of fairy dust to add some extra special wishes.

Sweet dreams always! X