Christmas tree top fairies - Large

Christmas tree top fairies - Large

If you like things extra large and your Christmas tree is 7ft plus, then these whopping 18" Christmas Tree Top fairies are the perfect fit!


Handmade with incredibly light materials to our original and unique concept, these fairies may be magnifecently larger than their smaller sisters but they won't add any stress or strain to your tree. No tipsy fairies at the Fabulous Fairy Factory. Just gorgeous sparkly fairies to grace the best dressed trees!!


Each fairy is entirely handmade from the top of her head to the tip of her clay booties by the Fairymaker in the Fabulous Fairy Factory in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.


  • About Our Christmas Tree Fairies

    As our fairies are entirely handmade and materials are sourced locally - no two are ever truly identical and will consequently have their own uniqueness, look and personality. This is what make the Fabulous Fairies stand out from other similar but mass made products and makes them more desirable and collectible.

    Therefore, we ask that you bare this in mind when ordering your fairy. It will not nescessarily be exactly as any one pictured but very rarely do we disappoint when your own personal fairy make arrives!!

    Each fairy arrives with its own 'birth/creation' certificate which is logged back here in the FFF book of creation, to prove that you have an authentic Fabulous Fairy Creation!

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