Butterfly Catcher Fairy

Butterfly Catcher Fairy

Part of the Fairy Tale Collection - this gorgeous fairy is a lovely keepsake that is made to delight and treasure.


Believe it or not...butterfly dust is what the fairies use to grant wishes! The shimmering and magical dust is collected from the surface of butterfly wings and as the butterflies are abundant in the warm months - the Butterfly Catcher Fairies are kept very busy collecting dust all summer. When Autumn approaches they hold a huge Ball to celebrate the end of the Gathering Season...rather like our Harvest Festival.


Please do not worry...the butterflies are not harmed in any way. Once caught in the  sparkling gossamer nets - the fairies 'tickle' the butterflies under their bellies. The giggling enables the dust  to fall from their wings and collected into the bottles.

In the evening all the fairy folk dress in their finest, and dance, sing and eat all evening in celebration of their successful harvest.



Each Butterfly Catcher fairy is  approximately 14” in height - from head to tippy toe, but incredibly light!

Entirely hand made with love by the Fairy Maker at the Fabulous Fairy Factory in Rural Yorkshire. Each fairy comes beautifully gift boxed with an origination certificate and a beautiful printed booklet that tells the 'fairytale' of the Butterfly Catcher Fairies.