Wishing Jar - Tooth Fairy Boy

Wishing Jar - Tooth Fairy Boy

The tooth fairy is the most magical of them all and the Wishing Jars are a new and enchanting way of bringing a little magic to children when they are in the stages of losing their milk teeth.

upon losing the tooth, the child sprinkles a small amount of wishing dust and makes a wish for the tooth fairy to make a trade whilst they are sleeping. The little tooth fairy or elf will make the swap during the night as they sleep soundly.


The Wishing Jar fairies, angels and elves are all made entirely by hand using a range of materials. Their bodies, heads, arms and legs are made of sustainable materials and not plastic. 

  • Disclaimer

    Please bear in mind that these dolls are beautiful to look at but not to 'play' with for very small babies so please display them on a shelf unless you want their heads to be pulled off and put in mouths where they really shouldn't be.